“Our protagonist wonders if it were possible to physically engage with an angel. Two problems present themselves here: where does one find an angel, and then wouldn’t his strength overpower her? She solves both problems in the song.”

Play She Wrestled An Angel

Two perspectives for the existence of angels in our world would probably answer the two problems in different ways. If you believe in mythological angels or Hollywood angels, then you might believe that anything is possible in the spiritual realm of angels. But, if you look at angels from the faith-based perspective, religions attribute specific characteristics to angels.

Angels are some of the most misunderstood beings in our world. Because of movies and children’s stories, angels have been depicted in many different forms. Angels are mentioned in many of the world religions including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Angels in all these beliefs carry out the will of God as messengers, protectors, providers, and guides. They serve and worship God.

The Christian Bible describes angels as “beings” without a body. Humans do not die and become angels and angels don’t “get their wings” when someone does something good as in the plot of one very famous Christmas movie. Angels were created by God at the beginning of creation.

Throughout the Bible, angels appear in human form to carry out the will of God. They have a human form, but not a physical form. They speak to humans but rarely interact in other ways, according to scripture. There is little or no physical interaction. Angels cannot be “found” by humans. They might pray for help or guidance, but they cannot simply go out and find an angel.

Would a human be overpowered by an angel? Angels do not have God’s power, but they do have their own strength and power that exceeds human strength. (Psalm 103:20; 2 Peter 2:11). So yes, they could overpower, but probably wouldn’t have need to do so. Heavenly angels of the Bible are in-tune to the will and desires of God. They would not engage in early pursuits or engage in any human endeavors.

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