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High Tides of Love

The purest form of love requires stripping away all inhibitions and defenses, and loving courageously, without restriction. Indeed loving with a pure faith your lover will reciprocate just as purely. The singer in this song advises to “strip it all away” and “love without a say,” using the analogy of a high tides eroding all the lover’s defenses.

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Daughters Song by Don Whitaker

This song is a rendition of a father’s love for his daughters. Every father of an adult daughter – at some point – gets a phone call late at night from the daughter who got herself in a bad situation, and desperately needs the father to come help her. The father in the song runs to his truck and drives into the night to help his daughter, thinking about his relationship with her, and concluding ‘there is nothing better than a daughter.’

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Temple in the Path of Xerxes Lyrics

The song is set in 5th century BCE Greece, where a landowner learns the Persian invader Xerxes is nearing his property with a large, murderous army. He quickly sends his wife, children, brother and slaves to the safety of the shore, and resolves to make a suicidal stand with his small guard of mercenaries. The night before the battle, he stands, during a thunderstorm, in the small temple he built on his property, contemplating his gods – why does a man decide to stand and fight, when the very gods have fled this place?

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Death Does Not Come Humble Lyrics

The singer has an epiphany in this song – where he feared death all his life, he comes to see it as an enhancing event at the end, comparable to a lion who comes to whisk him to a better state of being. He realizes he should mount the back of this graceful, forgiving beast, and learns he himself is the ‘greatest’ entity in his own life, but conversely also the ‘least’ entity in the panorama of the universe.

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I Need the Beauty of You Lyrics

This song is an unabashed love song. But with a twist — the singer realizes the main attributes he loves about his woman all have little to do with her physical beauty. He wants to spend every spare second with her because she enchants him with her personality, her conversation, her grace. He loves the tilt of her laughing eyes, the sound of her divine sighs. He comes to see Love is about never letting it get old. See the video, “Don Whitaker – I Need the Beauty of You.”

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The Starting Gun Poem – Joan of Arc

Poem related to  Joan of Arc (1412-1431) earned, in the words of Louis Kossuth, an imposing distinction: since the writing of human history began, she is the only person, of either sex, who has ever held supreme command of the military forces of a nation at the age of seventeen. Although she achieved many victories for her beloved Dauphin, by age nineteen she had been tried for heresy, then burned at the stake. She was also the only person in history ever canonized as a saint of the Catholic Church who had once been executed as a heretic by the very same church.

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