This Love Lyrics

This Love Lyrics

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(Doyle 2014)


There’s a certain kind of love, that we taught to each other,

I’ve known love before, but not like this with any other lover, with no other lover,

It’s easy and it’s slow like a lazy flowing river.


Like the forest, it is quiet, calmly growing over time, what is time? Oh, it’s growing over time,

It’s not begging you to come to it, but when you do, you are embraced,

Flushed with warm scents of musky pine, it helps you to breathe easier, breathe easy, let the air flow through you


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Like the ocean tide, it comes in waves, smoothing marks, dents and scratches,

Leaving the sand gently, softly, a new blank canvas, brand new, open to the world,

When you leave the ocean or the forest, they let you go at your leisure.


And you know, you could not keep them, stop their moving or their changing, No you couldn’t, and no, you

wouldn’t want to.


The ocean and the forest, the river flow and grow,

telling you to follow your heart wherever you may go, even far away, or happily close to them,

And when you’re thinking of us with them, life is but a dream


Gently rowing to the tides, the sunrise and the sunset are your clocks, there are no numbers in this time.


How do you thank the forests and the water that is life?

How is it that they thank you? It is purely by existing, being there, they love you with their life.


They love you, they love you with their life

They love you with their life


And it is this way we love each other gently, slowly, calmly,

Not begging, but embracing, breathing, soothing, never owning, letting go, letting go, letting grow.


I love you, I love this love,

I love you, I love this love,


I love, oh, I love this love,

I love, oh, I love this love.

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