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One More Crime
(Shields/Kelley 2016)

Verse 1
Turn off the lights,
Come back to my bed,
I know it’s not right.
Hold me instead . . .
One more time,

Verse 2
One more crime.
Hear my soul cry,
Make me believe
All those lies . . .
for one more crime,
Share my dreams,
when the night get cold,
Comfort me,

Don’t say goodbye
‘Till the morning.
Forget about leaving,
I need holdin’


Verse 3
One more crime,
Before you go,
One more thing
I need to know,
Why can’t you love me?
One more time,
to say goodbye to me,
would be the real crime.

Don’t say goodbye
‘Till the morning.
Forget about leaving,
I need holdin’

Don’t say goodbye
‘Till the morning.
Forget about leaving,
I need holdin’

High Tides of Love

The purest form of love requires stripping away all inhibitions and defenses, and loving courageously, without restriction. Indeed loving with a pure faith your lover will reciprocate just as purely. The singer in this song advises to “strip it all away” and “love without a say,” using the analogy of a high tides eroding all the lover’s defenses.

Matty Groves Brings Us Matt Groves & Rich Jane Song

“Matty Groves” is a Border ballad probably originating in Northern England that describes an adulterous tryst between a man and a woman that is ended when the woman’s husband discovers and kills them. This song exists in many textual variants and has several variant names

Featuring Songs about Emily Dickinson. Poems, Video, Authors Notes

The song is a tribute to Emily Dickenson, taking some of her public domain poetry and adding original lyrics. The singer concludes Emily changed his life by teaching him to see things in a much different way.

Poetry & Eros

An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex. Aldous Huxley I never married Poetry. I’ve slept with her many times, engaged wonderful romps with her, and understand the passion and lust to be found with her; I know her allure, her...

I Need the Beauty of You Lyrics

This song is an unabashed love song. But with a twist — the singer realizes the main attributes he loves about his woman all have little to do with her physical beauty. He wants to spend every spare second with her because she enchants him with her personality, her conversation, her grace. He loves the tilt of her laughing eyes, the sound of her divine sighs. He comes to see Love is about never letting it get old. See the video, “Don Whitaker – I Need the Beauty of You.”

Jessie singing Blue Christmas – Youtube

Jessie singing Blue Christmas Video

Gnarled Bones Song Lyrics

Gnarled Bones is a song about a man searching for his soul mate. He carries a sadness from this – which he calls ‘gnarled bones’ – with him throughout his life, sometimes catching echoes of her from a past life with his true love. Follow this man’s journey as he searches . . . and concludes he’s a better man for the journey.

Author’s Thoughts – Cicero Thrusts His Head

Ward Kelley’s notes when writing the lyrics for “Cicero Thrusts His Head”. Post also includes quotes, link to lyrics, slideshow and other useful Cicero links and information.

Death Does Not Come Humble Lyrics

The singer has an epiphany in this song – where he feared death all his life, he comes to see it as an enhancing event at the end, comparable to a lion who comes to whisk him to a better state of being. He realizes he should mount the back of this graceful, forgiving beast, and learns he himself is the ‘greatest’ entity in his own life, but conversely also the ‘least’ entity in the panorama of the universe.

New Songs Week of 9 -12-2016 by Entrance and Anastasia

Our first new song this week is “Jesus & the Budda” by Entrance. The band Entrance is comprised of Jeff Stafford, Lee Dalson, Papa Boyd’O, Anastasia Shields and Ward Kelley. Their vision is to create and explore non-commercial rock platforms while drawing from the poetry of Ward Kelley. Their scope includes rock, psychedelia, folk, blues, and even a little classical.

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