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One More Crime
(Shields/Kelley 2016)

Verse 1
Turn off the lights,
Come back to my bed,
I know it’s not right.
Hold me instead . . .
One more time,

Verse 2
One more crime.
Hear my soul cry,
Make me believe
All those lies . . .
for one more crime,
Share my dreams,
when the night get cold,
Comfort me,

Don’t say goodbye
‘Till the morning.
Forget about leaving,
I need holdin’


Verse 3
One more crime,
Before you go,
One more thing
I need to know,
Why can’t you love me?
One more time,
to say goodbye to me,
would be the real crime.

Don’t say goodbye
‘Till the morning.
Forget about leaving,
I need holdin’

Don’t say goodbye
‘Till the morning.
Forget about leaving,
I need holdin’

The Ancient Heart of Sandy – Sandy Denny

Sandy Denny (1947-1978), English folk singer, died tragically at a young age when she fell down the steps at a friend’s home and went immediately into a coma. She passed away four days later. One of the many songs she penned was an instrumental she co-authored, “The Lord Is In This Place, How Dreadful Is This Place.”

Election Song 2016

With Anastasia’s deep roots in Indiana, we wanted to write a song about the Midwestern state, and while thinking about all the images to describe Indiana – the farmlands, rural towns, basketball, industrialized cities – one overarching thing became clear. There is a powerful, nearly overwhelming, love of country here in the heartland, transcending all else. A quick look at the news, and the verses nearly wrote themselves.

She Wrestled an Angel A song by Entrance Way

“Our protagonist wonders if it were possible to physically engage with an angel. Two problems present themselves here: where does one find an angel, and then wouldn’t his strength overpower her? She solves both problems in the song.”

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Daughters Song by Don Whitaker

This song is a rendition of a father’s love for his daughters. Every father of an adult daughter – at some point – gets a phone call late at night from the daughter who got herself in a bad situation, and desperately needs the father to come help her. The father in the song runs to his truck and drives into the night to help his daughter, thinking about his relationship with her, and concluding ‘there is nothing better than a daughter.’

High Tides of Love

The purest form of love requires stripping away all inhibitions and defenses, and loving courageously, without restriction. Indeed loving with a pure faith your lover will reciprocate just as purely. The singer in this song advises to “strip it all away” and “love without a say,” using the analogy of a high tides eroding all the lover’s defenses.

Dancing in Front of the Glacier Poem

If anything, the dead ones remain quite
persistent, or maybe always keen,
to arrive at something succinct—
the word, the precise phrase, the cajoling—
producing the correct apprehension.

Persian invader Xerxes Video and Song Lyrics

Where there’s no evidence this is a true story, it certainly could be one. Xerxes slayed hundreds of thousands of Greeks during his invasion of the democracies, so it’s not a stretch to imagine a wealthy land owner making a suicidal stand against the invaders. This song has it roots in a poem I published 20 or so years ago, by the same name; I guess I felt compelled by the situation and the thoughts running through the protagonist’s mind as he stood in a small temple at night on his property, in a thunderstorm, knowing Xerxes and his murderous army waited over the next hill.

Thou Has Nor Youth Nor Age Poem S. Eliot (1888-1965)

S. Eliot (1888-1965) was arguably the most influential poet of the 20th century. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Eliot was educated at Harvard, but then moved to England where he became a British citizen in 1927. Best known for his poems “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” and “The Waste Land,” Eliot was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1948. According to Eliot’s instructions, his tomb was engraved with the phrase, “in the beginning is my end, in the end is my beginning.” The title of the above poem was taken from the dedication to his poem “Gerontion.”

About Yehuda Amichai with helpful links.

Poet Yehuda Amichai was an Israeli poet. He was married twice and had two sons and one daughter. As a young man he volunteered and fought in World War II as a member of the British Army, and in the Negev on the southern front in the Israeli War of Independence. He died of cancer in 2000, at age 76. Many people, worldwide, regarded Amichai as Israel’s greatest modern poet. He was also one of the first to write in colloquial Hebrew.

Poem Inspired by the song “Middles”

Her soul touches me
down to the Middle of my core
Is there more to the Universe
than the middle of her soul?

Her soul is more to me
than I see in the Middle
of Humanity’s combined souls.

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