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One More Crime
(Shields/Kelley 2016)

Verse 1
Turn off the lights,
Come back to my bed,
I know it’s not right.
Hold me instead . . .
One more time,

Verse 2
One more crime.
Hear my soul cry,
Make me believe
All those lies . . .
for one more crime,
Share my dreams,
when the night get cold,
Comfort me,

Don’t say goodbye
‘Till the morning.
Forget about leaving,
I need holdin’


Verse 3
One more crime,
Before you go,
One more thing
I need to know,
Why can’t you love me?
One more time,
to say goodbye to me,
would be the real crime.

Don’t say goodbye
‘Till the morning.
Forget about leaving,
I need holdin’

Don’t say goodbye
‘Till the morning.
Forget about leaving,
I need holdin’

New Songs Week of 9 -12-2016 by Entrance and Anastasia

Our first new song this week is “Jesus & the Budda” by Entrance. The band Entrance is comprised of Jeff Stafford, Lee Dalson, Papa Boyd’O, Anastasia Shields and Ward Kelley. Their vision is to create and explore non-commercial rock platforms while drawing from the poetry of Ward Kelley. Their scope includes rock, psychedelia, folk, blues, and even a little classical.

One More Crime Song and Lyrics

Listen to One More Crime while reading the lyrics, The singer’s husband informs her he is divorcing her, and she tried to salvage the marriage by enticing him to her bed.

Jesus & the Buddha Song – Notes from the Lyrist

The ‘wild’ idea which generated the writing of Jesus & the Buddha was the theological urban myth how the historical Jesus and the Buddha actually met during the biblical gap in the life of Jesus.

Book of the Dead Poem from history of souls book

Book of the Dead Poem from history of souls book and free epub download of Egyptian Literature Comprising Egyptian tales, hymns, litanies, invocations, the Book of the Dead, and cuneiform writings by Wilson Epiphanius, 1845-1916.

Faith Must Stay Alive Doc Holliday Poem

John Henry Holliday (1851-1887), known throughout the West as Doc Holliday,was born in Georgia and educated as a dentist in Pennsylvania.  Diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1873 and given only a half-year to live, he moved west, hoping to extend his life a few months in the dry climate.  Already condemned to a slow, painful death, Holliday knew no fear in dangerous situations, and his fame grew;  he teamed up with the Earp brothers during the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, and many historians place the amount of men he killed in the 30s.  The only fellow Georgian Holliday continued to contact after he went west was his cousin, Mattie Holliday. Shortly after Doc contracted tuberculosis and left Georgia, Mattie too left their childhood world to become a Sister of Charity, entering an Atlanta convent. No correspondence between the two has survived, but it’s safe to say she had a profound impact on Doc, in that even though he had been raised a Presbyterian, it was revealed after his death at Glenwood Springs, Colorado, that he had recently been baptized in the Catholic faith.

My Halloween Experience With Emily Dickinson

I played hooky one morning, and drove to Amherst, happily arriving on time at the Dickinson house. The door was opened by a pretty UMASS co-ed, and I shortly realized I was the sole participant on the tour, not exactly a visit to Graceland where I would have been in a crowd, but who cares? This was Emily’s home.

Author’s Thoughts – Cicero Thrusts His Head

Ward Kelley’s notes when writing the lyrics for “Cicero Thrusts His Head”. Post also includes quotes, link to lyrics, slideshow and other useful Cicero links and information.

About Yehuda Amichai with helpful links.

Poet Yehuda Amichai was an Israeli poet. He was married twice and had two sons and one daughter. As a young man he volunteered and fought in World War II as a member of the British Army, and in the Negev on the southern front in the Israeli War of Independence. He died of cancer in 2000, at age 76. Many people, worldwide, regarded Amichai as Israel’s greatest modern poet. He was also one of the first to write in colloquial Hebrew.

The Starting Gun Poem – Joan of Arc

Poem related to  Joan of Arc (1412-1431) earned, in the words of Louis Kossuth, an imposing distinction: since the writing of human history began, she is the only person, of either sex, who has ever held supreme command of the military forces of a nation at the age of seventeen. Although she achieved many victories for her beloved Dauphin, by age nineteen she had been tried for heresy, then burned at the stake. She was also the only person in history ever canonized as a saint of the Catholic Church who had once been executed as a heretic by the very same church.

I Need the Beauty of You Lyrics

This song is an unabashed love song. But with a twist — the singer realizes the main attributes he loves about his woman all have little to do with her physical beauty. He wants to spend every spare second with her because she enchants him with her personality, her conversation, her grace. He loves the tilt of her laughing eyes, the sound of her divine sighs. He comes to see Love is about never letting it get old. See the video, “Don Whitaker – I Need the Beauty of You.”

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