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One More Crime
(Shields/Kelley 2016)

Verse 1
Turn off the lights,
Come back to my bed,
I know it’s not right.
Hold me instead . . .
One more time,

Verse 2
One more crime.
Hear my soul cry,
Make me believe
All those lies . . .
for one more crime,
Share my dreams,
when the night get cold,
Comfort me,

Don’t say goodbye
‘Till the morning.
Forget about leaving,
I need holdin’


Verse 3
One more crime,
Before you go,
One more thing
I need to know,
Why can’t you love me?
One more time,
to say goodbye to me,
would be the real crime.

Don’t say goodbye
‘Till the morning.
Forget about leaving,
I need holdin’

Don’t say goodbye
‘Till the morning.
Forget about leaving,
I need holdin’

Lyricist thoughts on Contessa of the Willows by Entrance Way

Read the lyrics of the song, along with the lyricist’s thoughts about the song. Understand the meaning and the depth of the song by reading the lyricist’s motivations for writing it.  In Contessa of the Willows the singer explores the stressed relationship he has with a woman who constantly seeks to find sadness in her otherwise happy circumstances. He loves her greatly, but …. read on

Dancing in Front of the Glacier Poem

If anything, the dead ones remain quite
persistent, or maybe always keen,
to arrive at something succinct—
the word, the precise phrase, the cajoling—
producing the correct apprehension.

The Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Song

The Wild Mouse Song: The singer imagines the boundary between life and death as an amusement park ride, then conjectures communicating with ‘little dead souls.’

A Wild Mouse roller coaster (also Mad Mouse or Crazy Mouse) is a type of roller coaster characterized by small cars that seat four people or fewer and ride on top of the track, taking tight, flat turns (without banking) at modest speeds, yet producing high lateral G-forces. The track work is characterized by many turns and bunny hops, the latter producing abrupt negative vertical G forces.

Wasisms – The Best Writing Tip of My Career

About thirty years ago an editor I knew told me to lose all those dreaded little words in my prose, the words making my work dull. He said I should always write around: is, was, that, and had. Today I call them ‘wasisms.’ But thirty years ago, I responded the way my...

Election Song 2016

With Anastasia’s deep roots in Indiana, we wanted to write a song about the Midwestern state, and while thinking about all the images to describe Indiana – the farmlands, rural towns, basketball, industrialized cities – one overarching thing became clear. There is a powerful, nearly overwhelming, love of country here in the heartland, transcending all else. A quick look at the news, and the verses nearly wrote themselves.

The Ancient Heart of Sandy – Sandy Denny

Sandy Denny (1947-1978), English folk singer, died tragically at a young age when she fell down the steps at a friend’s home and went immediately into a coma. She passed away four days later. One of the many songs she penned was an instrumental she co-authored, “The Lord Is In This Place, How Dreadful Is This Place.”

By Illinois, No Birds – Poem Trail of Tears

Poem about 18,000 to 20,000 members—were forcibly evicted in 1838 and endured the three-hundred-mile march generally known as the Trail of Tears. The Cherokees, calling the forced march the Trail Where They Cried, lost over 4000 people who perished due to hunger, disease, exhaustion, and exposure.

Soul Mates, Edgar Cayce and Gnarled Bones

“A soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because ……”

Jesus & the Buddha – Note for the author

As I rummaged through notes I made 15 years ago, I came across some I made about the inventor of the Dewey decimal System. Where this might appear odd coming from a poet, I think you might agree this note overflows with the essence of poetry. See what you think:

New Release Enfold Folk Album.

Enfold Album is Ward Kelley owner of Wardco Studios newest release.

Enfolds is available for download at Enfold Ward Kelley Artist.

Enfold is a contemporary folk album by Joan in the Fires, featuring Jessie Doyle. It combines the lyrics of poet Ward Kelley with imaginative melodies to produce a truly unique folk listening experience.

15 songs take the listener on a voyage through a Wild Mouse amusement park ride to the poets Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson to the Book of Proverbs to ancient Rome and finally to the Secret of Life, a tongue-in-cheek look at the world’s religion where the singer laments she is theologically abused. Interspaced throughout the album are new but more conventional folk songs and topics.

One thing is for certain, the listener will come away with a unique folk experience!

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