Everywhere I’ve Been Lyrics

Everywhere I’ve Been Lyrics

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(Doyle 2014)



It was the perfect time for what it was, however unforseen

I should ask and hope for no more although your everywhere I’ve been


Although I hear you in the names of streets and smell you in the fire

Although a nursery rhyme will silence me lest I should start to cry

For the memory of you and I drifting, rowing, out of time




Although I feel you in these wooden oars and hear you in the beaver’s tail

Although the salmon in this iron skillet turns my hands to yours

Or though the simple taste of ale brings me with you to the ocean shore



Play Everywhere I’ve Been

The woods smell like your beard and the frogs sound like our river

Why do my friends talk of John Muir when beofre they didn’t ever?

I suppose it’s good you’re still with me and haven’t disappeared




What are you doing in every song and in the stars at night?

How’d you find your way into that couple’s arms holding each other tight?

I need to thank you for our time and how you changed me for the better

And I will hold my new self here as you linger in my mind

Play Everywhere I’ve Been


Although you’re everywhere I been …


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