About Elisha Porat with Interview

Elisha Porat was a Hebrew poet and writer who said he’d never thought about writing poetry until he was a solider in the War of Yom Kippur in 1973. The war and even the death of Porat’s father inspired him to begin writing poetry non-stop.

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Poem Inspired by the song “Middles”

Her soul touches me
down to the Middle of my core
Is there more to the Universe
than the middle of her soul?

Her soul is more to me
than I see in the Middle
of Humanity’s combined souls.

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Play Middles

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Jesus & the Buddha – Note for the author

As I rummaged through notes I made 15 years ago, I came across some I made about the inventor of the Dewey decimal System. Where this might appear odd coming from a poet, I think you might agree this note overflows with the essence of poetry. See what you think:

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Reincarnation World’s Religions

The study of reincarnation and the understanding of it within different religions is much more complex. But, the information here in these short descriptions is meant to illustrate the idea that reincarnation is something more than what most, who don’t practice the religions, will ever understand without much study.

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Emily Dickinson was an American Poet

Emily Dickinson is an American poet who wrote about life, love, nature and time and eternity. She was born in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1830. Except for a short time at Mont Holyoke Seminary, she lived with her parents and younger sister for most of her life. Her brother and his wife lived next door.

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She Wrestled an Angel A song by Entrance Way

“Our protagonist wonders if it were possible to physically engage with an angel. Two problems present themselves here: where does one find an angel, and then wouldn’t his strength overpower her? She solves both problems in the song.”

Play She Wrestled An Angel

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