My heart floats in the ibis jar on top
my brains and liver, all my organs mixed
together like a fetal mass . . . and so I am back
at the womb, a time when my interior ingredients
floated indistinguishable from my exterior.

When I gain another chance at breathing,
I think I will create a creature
whose interior thoughts are more visible
to its fellows, for I now understand
most strife between us breathing ones
comes from misread intentions.

Animals act more precise in their
communications; their bodies change colors,
emit noises and odors, and no misunderstanding
of power occurs. They rarely kill one of their own.

Human expressions failed to keep up
with the evolution of our complicated thoughts,
and skin feels too dumb to sustain much more
than pleasure or pain, while the nuances our flesh
emits seldom fathoms and never completes
until we all rest in ibis jars and wish
for more succinct creatures.

Author’s Ramose Notes:

Ramose (circa 1350 BCE), was vizier to Pharoahs Amenhotep III and his son Akhenaton. He was buried at Thebes, however the tomb that appears to have built for him shows no evidence of his use of it. Still the tomb is famous for its reliefs, such as female mourners and a tekenu. A current theory espouses the nature of a tekenu as a shroud containing spare body parts left over from the mummification process.

What is a Vizier?

The vizier was the highest official in Ancient Egypt to serve the king or pharaoh.

Ward Kelley Artists

You can listen free to music with lyrics that are also written by the author of this poem, Ward Kelley Artist.

history of souls second edition

history of souls by Ward Kelley.

Author, poet, and lyricist Ward Kelley is now offering a second version of "history of souls". This book offers poetry that encompasses a number of themes:

Magical realism: Literature that looks at fables, myths, and allegory in the rational world.

Reincarnation: The philosophical and/or religious concept that the soul or spirit, after death, can begin a new life in a new body to learn new experiences and gain knowledge.

Metaphysics: A traditional branch of philosophy concerned with nature of being and the world that surrounds it.

Depiction of Ramose in his tomb

The Ancient Egyptian noble, Ramose was Vizier under both Amenhotep III and Akhenaten. He was in office in the last decade of Amenhotep’s III reign and at the beginning of the reign of the latter king. Ramose appears on jar labels found in the palace of king Amenhotep III atMalkata. Here appears also the vizier Amenhotep-Huy. Both viziers are also shown side by side in the temple of Soleb. In the New Kingdom the office of the vizier was divided in a northern vizier and a southern one. It is not entirely clear whether Ramose was the southern or northern one.[1]

Ramose was born into an influential family. His father was the mayor of Memphis Heby, in office at the beginning of Amenhotep’s III reign. The brother of Ramose was the high stewardof Memphis Amenhotep (Huy).[2]

Pictures is a Depiction of Ramose in his tomb with photo by David Schmid.



Ward Kelley Artists

You can listen free to music with lyrics that are also written by the author of this poem, Ward Kelley Artist.

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