DIVINE MURDER draws the reader ever deeper into a spellbinding web of mystery. It is sheer escapism yet with a disturbing plausibility and philosophical logic underpinning each strange twist of the tale. The two central characters are well-developed, especially Zoe, who is a strong and resourceful woman, always one jump ahead of her husband in unravelling the truth behind everything that happens on her journey with him. I thoroughly recommend this compelling story concerning the divine, the diabolical and the struggles of two mortals to discover their momentous destiny. An Amazon review by By S. Russell on February 8, 2002

Divine Murder is a  theological science fiction/fantasy. Experience the most sinister plot in the history of humanity – fanatics discover how to physically murder God. A search for God by going to the opposite extreme.

Ward Kelley’s first novel is a deliriously inventive theological thriller. It’s sassy, intelligent, charming and phantasmagorical. – Tony Grist, New Hope International

Divine Murder is a fascinating look into humanity’s relationship with God and its own destiny. – Elizabeth Burton, The Blue Iris Journal

Ward Kelley’s Divine Murder is a playground for temptation and a test of moral cues. – Janet I. Buck, author of Calamity’s Quilt

One of the most interesting books I’ve read in a long time. Like all great epics, it deserves the big screen. – David M. Jackson, Artvilla

Divine Murder: A theological science fiction/fantasy
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One of the most fascinating elements of reading a fairy tale or a science fiction is the willing acceptance of a magical world where serene angels alight with outstretched wings, birds and animals converse fluently, and uncommon things happen quite commonly. We know the actions are unbelievable, yet we love to believe and accept them as real, and therein lies the success of such works.
We are to a great extent able to unravel the mysteries around us and apply scientific reasoning to known natural phenomena. Yet we are still persistently drawn the unexplained and the unknown. Religion attempts to offer meaning to the shady areas left untouched by science. However, science refuses to accept any truth that cannot be verified through experimentation and logical reasoning.

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